| Help me choose HairStyle?:) [[PICTURES]]?

Help me choose HairStyle?:) [[PICTURES]]?

*¤´¨`·..·´¨`»»♣««´¨`·..·´¨`¤* asked:

Ok so i wanted to get a hair cut this weekend
i was trying to grow my hair but im tired of it,it looks so messy and i don’t know wat to do with this so i decided to stay with short haircut
so these are pics(not of me)



maybe little shorter mohawk and more hair on sides .

or you like just plain cut up with or without razor cuts?



and if i would get mohawk i would probably wouldn’t get it that long maybe just little shorter and if i don’t like it id probably just get plain line up cut maybe razor design
my questions are
is it ok to wear that kind of mohawk
is it ok or just plain line up cut is fine?which do u like better?
and does my face have to be certain shape to fit that cut?i think i have medium jaw line
Thx to all who answer :) sry i dont feel like wearing sk8 hair
and untill i get it will take forever
and its all messy

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2 Responses to “Help me choose HairStyle?:) [[PICTURES]]?”

  1. babyx on May 6th, 2009 5:07 am

    I think a mohawk with the razor cuts would be amazing.

  2. gymgirl1212 on May 9th, 2009 10:20 am

    not any of those.